• Synchronous Playlists: Part Two

    Posted on September 24, 2013 by Jessica Ryan in Exercise and Sports.
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    As a follow-up to last week’s blog post, we are sharing two more playlists of synchronous exercise music today. Try the 170 BPM playlist if you run an eight-minute mile or cycle at an average speed of 85 rpm, and take a look at the 180 BPM playlist if you run a seven-minute mile or cycle at 90 rpm.[i] Like last week’s offerings, both of these playlists have enough classical and soundtrack music for a 30-minute workout.

    This morning I listened to the 180 BPM playlist on my run. Although I felt a little sluggish when I left my apartment, my feet effortlessly fell into step when I listened to the music. Trying to run in time with the beat kept me moving forward on a day when I didn’t feel very motivated to run.

    Classical exercise music worked for me this morning, and we’re curious to hear how well it works for you. Experiment with the past few weeks’ playlists and see if you find it motivational to work out to classical music. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in our comments section!

    [i] Sundquist, James. “Exercise Pacing & Use of Music.” Self-Growth.com.  Self-Growth.com,  n.d.  Web.  16 Sept. 2013.

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