• How to practice effectively…for anything!

    Posted on April 25, 2017 by Joyce DeFrancesco in Exercise and Sports, Musician Health.

    Practice is a physical activity but it’s also hard mental work! A video from TED Ed reveals the how and why of good practice, and what it does to your brain. The advice in this video can apply to everything from music to sports.

    Some of the science-backed tips are:

    • Focus! Shut off all digital distractions.
    • Get it right at a slow pace and then work on increasing speed.
    • Split practice time into smaller, super-concentrated chunks, working multiple times a day.
    • Visualize playing music without actually playing it. Put yourself through the music, note by note. Imagine what it feels like to press that key, or take that breath, every step of the way.

    Read the article from NPR here.

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