• How to Choose Music That Meets Your Needs

    Posted on December 17, 2014 by Jessica Ryan in How To.


    How do you go about finding the right music for exercising, relaxing, or sleeping? Many of us would probably say that we begin by combing through the music in our library or that we start with our favorite type of music, perhaps classical, and search for songs belonging to that particular category.

    Through years of experience in the music and wellness field, the PSO’s Penny Brill has learned that thinking beyond genres is key to finding music to achieve a specific purpose. She says, “I encourage you to explore different genres that aren’t necessarily ones you’re familiar with so that you have a much richer, broader spectrum of pieces from which to choose. . . . There’s such a rich choice—rich variety—to choose from that we can actually learn and grow as we explore possibilities.”

    Watch the video below to hear more of Penny’s advice for finding the right music to meet any of your needs. You can also check out her Suggested Listening list to start discovering new music.

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