• 15 Amazing Benefits of Listening to Music

    Posted on June 13, 2017 by Joyce DeFrancesco in Aging, Exercise and Sports, Music Therapy, Pain Management, Productivity, Relaxation, Sleep.

    Looking for a Tuesday pick-me-up? Why not listen to your favorite song? Michelle Millis Chappel, a PhD in psychology and a singer-songwriter, shared 15 amazing things that music can do for you in a Lifehack.org blog:

    1. Music makes you happier
    2. Music enhances running performance
    3. Music lowers stress and improves health
    4. Music helps you sleep better
    5. Music reduces depression
    6. Music helps you eat less
    7. Music elevates your mood while driving
    8. Music strengthens learning and memory
    9. Music relaxes patients before/after surgery
    10. Music reduces pain
    11. Music helps Alzheimer’s patients remember
    12. Music improves recovery in stroke patients
    13. Music increases verbal intelligence
    14. Music raises IQ and academic performance
    15. Music keeps your brain healthy in old age

    “Music is the true breath of life. We eat so we won’t starve to death. We sing so we can hear ourselves live.” – Yasmina Khadra

    Read the whole blog post here to explore each one of these amazing benefits!

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